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For today's post we've got some sale and non-sale make up items I got recently.
Shall we start?

Everything was on sale aside from Tonymoly's Magic Food Banana Hand Milk and Sephora's Wonderful Cushion, I'm not completely sure on the latter though.

I got 2 new eyeshadows. From Kiko, I got the Water Eyeshadow in 219 Flamingo Pink after seeing a youtuber (I forgot who it was, sorry!) using it and falling in love with the gorgeous colour! This was super cheap, Kiko is cheap and it was on sale, so I think it was about 2€ or so. And look, there's a mirror!
Sephora was having a sale on their Colorful Eyeshadows and I'd never tried them before so I decided to pick one up and found this colour really pretty, it's a peach shimmery colour and it's called 223 Hippie Girl.

Swatches! The one on the left is Sephora's Colorful Eyeshadow in 223 Hippie Girl and the one on the right is Kiko's Water Eyeshadow 219 Flamingo Pink.
They both have a bit of gold tones which I love! The colours look great, they last good, to be honest I never had problems with eyeshadows, very pigmented, I absolutely love them!

I got two lip products. The first one I just had to get it, it was 1,60€ or 1,70€, I think and it's Kiko's Urban Sheen Lipgloss in 01 Soft Hydrangea. The second one I got is Sephora's Wonderful Cushion in 02 Wonderful Coral and I don't think this was on sale, I just really liked the colour and it wasn't pink for a change.

The top one is Kiko's Urban Sheen Lipgloss in 01 Soft Hydrangea and I love this product! It's called a lip gloss but it doesn't feel very glossy which is a good thing for me, I don't really like lip glosses because I hate when it's windy and my hair gets on my lips and gets sticky, it's really annoying. The colour is very light but it gives you a nice tint to the lips. I always bring this one with me on my bag because I often forget to wear lipstick and this one looks good with every eyeshadow or other make up you might already have on, while still giving you a bit of colour.
The bottom one is Sephora's Wonderful Cushion in 02 Wonderful Coral. I was trying to find a lip product that wasn't pink because I always end up buying pink lipsticks, pink eyeshadows, pink blushes, basically everything is pink, so I thought these Wonderful Cushions were really cute and picked one up, I haven't worn it yet for a whole day so I can't really tell if it's long lasting or not but it's pigmented and the colour is really pretty, it's bit more orange than it looks here.

I also just noticed that I didn't take pictures of the Tonymoly's Magic Food Hand Milk but I got it at Sephora as well, they just started selling Tonymoly, however it's double the price so it was a one time thing only because I can get this online for half the price.
The hand cream is nice, moisturizing but the smell kind of fades away after a while which is actually a good thing for me because I don't like bananas or the smell (I bought it because it was really cute, obviously).

I would like to say that I'm starting uni next week and I'll be working as well, so it's going to be a challenge to update this blog specially because I already post so little but I'll try to keep updating because I really want to take this blog thing further.

I'll see you soon then!

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  1. Lovely my dear Fabia! Great products! How are you though? Hope you're doing fine. I just had a long blog hiatus too and haven't posted for quite some time. I just recently got back to my blogging. Have redesigned it and now trying to write again and reconnect with long time blogger friends like you. I still have you on my Reading List :) I see you haven't updated in a while as well. But I do wish this message still reaches you. Hope to hear from you again soon. Keep in touch :)

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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    1. Hi lovely! Thank you for your super sweet comment!
      I'm glad you got back to blogging, the blog looks great! It makes me want to blog again haha which hopefully will happen soon, I've just been so busy with university and work ._.


    2. Wow that's great to hear, babe! Keep it up! When I checked the other bloggers I used to follow, I don't normally get a response anymore. I guess they fully gave up the blogs. But I've glad you're still there! :) Do keep in touch and keep rockin' university and work life! :)