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We all have got that foundation or concealer we always go for, right?
Well, I've got a lot of make up I usually go for. Honestly, that's something that I want to change. I end up using the same products very often instead of trying new ones. Sometimes I even buy stuff I don't use (I'm looking at that beautiful golden eyeshadow I bought months ago and haven't used yet).

Anyways, I decided to share some of my favorite products that I end up using when I'm in a hurry to go to work or I'm just plain lazy but makes me feel safe using.

A - Innisfree Long Wear Cushion
Alright, I never thought I would be so in love with cushions when I first started using this. I love the smooth and natural look it gives me. The coverage is good, just enough for me. I think I'm going to do a review on this one soon, so keep an eye out.

B - NÂș7 Perfect Light Loose Powder
I'm going to be honest here, I only bought this because I ran out of my Ben Nye powder (which was amazing), and this is not exactly the product for me. I have really dry skin and I feel like this powder emphasizes that. I ordered a new one from Skinfood for dry skin and I'm really excited to try it out, until then I'm using this one.

C - e.l.f. Eyelid Primer
I've had this for a while and only started using it recently. I don't use it everyday but when I feel like I'll be out the whole day and want my eyeshadow to last or when I want my eyeshadow to really pop out I just put a bit of this and it gets the job done.

D - Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit
I think this is my favorite concealer! The coverage is really good, my only problem are my dark circles, but for that I should get an orange colored corrector, it's not like it's not providing a good coverage under my eyes I'm just not using the right product for that. But like I said, excellent coverage and it comes with a pressed powder to set in that I use for highlighting.

E - Missha Mono Touch Eyeshadow in NBE02
I love make up artist PONY, she's amazing. I was watching one of her videos when she used this as a contour shade and I really liked it. It's a very soft tone and perfect for my skin tone. I use it everyday and it lasts really long, I've had it for months.

F - H&M Powder Blush in Pink Peach
My new favorite blush. Lovely color, very soft which I like, I feel like I'll put too much if the color is too pigmented. Check my review of this product here.

G - Shiseido Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyed in BR792
Majolica Majorca has beautiful color palettes. I grabbed this one because I needed natural shades and I love a bit of shimmering so this one is perfect.

H - Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in So Hap'Pink
My favorite!! You can eat, drink and it just won't go away! It's veeeeery long lasting and the colors are so pretty! I'm still trying to get my hands on Ole Flamingo but it's always sold out. I bought this one in London for about 9£ but I also saw it in Portugal for 17EUR which is ridiculous.

I - Barry M Cor Balmy in Adam & Eve
I love this drug store brand. Everytime I go to Boots I end up buying a new nail polish from them. I don't use lipsticks everyday but I use this lip balm instead. It has a bit of color and a little bit of shine, I'm more of a matte lip person but I totally love this one.~

J - Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus
All time favorite mascara! Makes my lashes long and beautiful. I'm not sure if they still sell this version, I think they upgraded it but I keep buying this one from Ebay.

K - Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black
I've been using this eyeliner for over 5 years maybe? I always buy this one, it's long lasting, easy to use, amazing color, cutest packaging, etc., I only have good things to say about this.

L - Koji Dolly Wink Pencil Eyeliner in Black
I started using this one because my roommate mistakenly bought it instead of the liquid eyeliner and she was like "I'm not going to use it, so here you go" and I really needed a new one so, yay. I really liked it, I was afraid it wouldn't be as long lasting as the liquid eyeliner, because pencil eyeliners don't usually last long or the color is just not strong enough but no, this one is amazing, just like the liquid version, long lasting and amazing color. Also, the packaging, Dolly Wink is A+ when it comes to packaging.

So here we have it. My "go to" make up!

I should post more often and work on promoting the blog but I've been really busy with uni papers. I'd to go back to London for 3 days for a uni interview and take care of my application.

I'll see you soon.

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